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    We need you!

    Hello! A couple of bits of ‘business’ to discuss with you today! You may have guessed from the picture and headline, but I wanted to do a little shout out to you…

  • 3 Of The Best


    Now, I’m aware that lightboxes have become a little bit of an interiors cliche, because they’ve been EVERYWHERE for the past couple of years. Particularly the DIY letter types that you can…

  • Go To This Shop

    Panda and Ping

    Another amazing independent designer-maker for you guys today! I was very excited to come across Panda & Ping – not least because their name and logo is just the best. Who…

  • 3 Of The Best

    Space-saving cots

    They always say that there’s never a good time to have a baby, and that you’re never ready for it, no matter how much you try to prepare. I think this…

  • Interview

    Wall stickers from Chameleon Wall Art

    I’m a huge fan of wall stickers – they are just brilliant for children’s rooms, meaning you can easily update the room’s design without having to get a paintbrush out. In…

  • Furniture

    Lil’Gaea from Nubie

    Goodness knows how you pronounce it, but Lil’Gaea is my newest kids’ interiors discovery, brought to you by the very lovely and inspirational kids’ store Nubie. I’m really quite in love…

  • GTYR Loves

    Nordic Kids Range from Nordic House

    I’m very excited about today’s post, as it’s something I’ve known about for a while now but not been able to share until today. I’m sure many of you are familiar…

  • 3 Of The Best

    Interactive rugs

    Oh I do love a multifunctional product! And today’s post shares three of them that are so nifty, I’d like to have them all myself, if only we had the space……

  • Decor

    Helen Baker Home

    I’m really pleased that the trend for gender neutral kids’ products has come across from fashion and is catching on in interiors too. It seems really daft to me that decor,…