Hey there!

Hello, I’m Charlotte Duckworth, an interiors journalist and mum to toddler Daphne.

It all started with a cot…

The Mokee mini cot to be precise. I was pregnant and desperately searching for something stylish to house my baby in. The high street offerings didn’t appeal – they were expensive, too matchy matchy and most of the time, huge (when you have a newborn and all their paraphernalia to house, bigger is not necessarily better).

But then I discovered the Mokee cot. Simple, affordable, the perfect size, available in a range of pleasing colour combinations, it’s only a slight exaggeration to say it was the inspiration for this blog. If it hadn’t been for an opportune flick through Instagram, I would never have found it.

It struck me that there weren’t any blogs out there to help parents find designs as unique as their little ones, and so I decided to combine my many years working in interiors with my not-so-many years working for my daughter, and set one up myself.

And so Go To Your Room was born: searching out the best in children’s interiors for mamas (and dadas) who don’t want to compromise.

I love highlighting little-known brands, especially those set up by parents in an effort to fill a gap in the market they’ve discovered during their own parenting journey, so you’ll find lots of them on here, plus plenty of advice and inspiration for you and your little ones to create the perfect space of their own.

Hope you enjoy, and do leave me a comment if there’s anything you’d like me to track down for you.

Charlotte (and Daphne!) x

Some boring but necessary clarification: I do not work for Mokee, nor have I been paid to feature them!
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