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  • Furniture GTYR Loves

    Nidi Design

    Something for bigger kids today! Nidi Design by Battistella is an ultra-cool Italian brand that specialises in creating modular and customisable furniture for children. And the designs are beautiful. Now I…

  • Furniture

    Childhome furniture from Cuckooland

    Another new European brand to introduce to you today – this time from Belgium. Childhome is the latest company to be added to Cuckooland‘s roster, and their designs are both stylish…

  • Furniture

    Lil’Gaea from Nubie

    Goodness knows how you pronounce it, but Lil’Gaea is my newest kids’ interiors discovery, brought to you by the very lovely and inspirational kids’ store Nubie. I’m really quite in love…

  • Furniture Go To This Shop


    This post is well overdue. If you’ve read my Welcome page, you’ll know that the inspiration behind this blog was my daughter’s wonderful cot from Mokee. I only found out about…

  • 3 Of The Best Furniture

    Novelty Beds

    I’m going to be honest here, before I had a child I was not a fan of anything themed. I was also one of those naive mothers who swore I’d never fill…