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Height charts

Do these have an ‘official’ name? I’m not entirely sure! Growth charts sounds a bit NHS and conjures up pictures of the Red Book and health visitors… *shudders at the memory*. But height chart sounds a bit formal somehow. Anyway, whatever they’re called, they’re the sort of thing that you might not bother with, then you turn around and your toddler is eight and you wish you could look back and remember how little and cute they once were. So, in short, well worth investing in.

We use a vintage dressmakers’ yard which belonged to Daphne’s late grandmother which we’ve attached to the wall in Daph’s room to keep track of her height. It’s actually amazing how much she’s grown when she was such a teeny tiny little thing (if you haven’t read my baby blog, you won’t know this, but she was just over 5 lb when she was born). Despite her diminutive start in life, she’s one of the tallest among her peers now!

But back to today’s post. Three of the best height/growth/measuring charts. Whatever you wanna call ’em. Here are my faves…

This beauty from Lovestruck Interiors was the inspiration for today’s post – I absolutely love it – not least because it can be personalised too with family names or messages. Made from softwood, with planed and chamfered edges in the same shape as a vintage ruler, there are five colours available – Aged Oak (dark), Mid Oak (light), Washed White, Pale Grey & Putty.

Next up is the beautiful Hagelens Feather Growth Chart from Scandiborn. Beautifully carved from oak veneer, it’s a really stunning piece in its own right, perfect for adding some subtle decor to a nursery or child’s room. It’s super easy to hang with double-sided tape, and you can take it with you when you move.

Last up, for those who want something a little more colourful, then take a look at the range of wall sticker height charts from Inkmill Vinyl. There are lots of different designs available, but this cheerful giraffe caught my eye. Easy to apply and easy to remove (without damaging walls), the stickers are available in wide a range of colours, meaning you can find the perfect one for you.

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