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I’m a huge fan of wall stickers – they are just brilliant for children’s rooms, meaning you can easily update the room’s design without having to get a paintbrush out. In recent years, the technology behind stickers – also known as ‘decals’ – has improved, and there are now products out there – such as the brilliant designs from Chameleon Wall Art, that don’t damage your walls, and can be easily repositioned or removed.

I chatted to Jane Street (left), the mum behind the brand, and asked her to share her expertise…

Hi Jane! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about the background behind Chameleon Wall Art?

I started Chameleon Wall Art in 2016. When I moved house, I was excited to transform my children’s bedrooms and playroom but struggled to find wall stickers which didn’t look like clip art. I ended up painting a lighthouse mural on our playroom wall and realised there was an opportunity to create wall stickers which look unusual and fabulous – and which wouldn’t damage walls. 

Where do you start when designing a new piece? 

The artwork for a new wall sticker starts as a handmade paper collage. This creates a really unusual artisan design unlike other wall stickers you’ll find. I use papers with interesting textures, colourful cellophanes and pieces cut out from magazines to create the collage design. I then scan the artwork and print the design onto a special matte fabric wall sticker material.

Some people are nervous about using wall stickers in their home – can you share your top tips for using them?

Some people worry about causing damage to the wall or putting a wall sticker up in the wrong place and then not being able to make a change. However, I use an amazing state of the art fabric decal material which is different to a vinyl or PVC wall sticker. It has a magic adhesive which means that you can easily remove the wall sticker and reposition it loads of times without leaving any sticky marks or causing any damage. They are really easy to apply – you just peel off from the backing sheet and press on to the wall. There are no bubbles and you don’t need a squeegee, unlike a vinyl decal. If you change your mind about where you want to put it or just fancy moving things around, you can just peel it off and reposition it.

Which is your favourite design in the collection?

I love the mummy and baby penguin wall stickers. They were one of my first designs and are still one of the most popular.

Rocky Rocket by Circu


What piece of kids’ design do you most admire/wish you’d worked on?

I love the bold, unusual beds and chairs by CIRCU. This rocket chair would make an awesome feature in a space-themed room.

When you’re not running the business, how do you like to spend your time?

I love going on adventures with my husband and two children. We love camping and cycling and exploring new places.

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