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Rockers from Newmakers

Every child’s room needs a statement piece. Apologies btw, for the use of that dreadful interiors cliche, but it is true. Something fun, something striking, something that adds a little bit of character… Preferably colourful, preferably handmade, something to pass down through the generations.

These fab rockers from British designer-maker Newmakers tick all the above boxes. Available in several different designs – you can choose from a zebra, tiger or panda and although the panda is definitely my favourite, Daphne’s vote went to the tiger (it looks most like a cat you see, and her unending obsession with them doesn’t seem to be dying off any time soon…).

I’m probably biased as they’re made down in Devon, my absolute favourite part of the world, so anything that hails from there automatically gets my attention. But still, I do love these bright and cheerful pieces and think they would make fantastic first birthday gifts.

As well as the rockers, the company makes animal-inspired rollers, furniture, including a nifty chalkboard table and stool set, and some pieces for the grown ups too. Happily, all products are made from wood sourced from sustainable EU forests that meet with environmental regulations, and they come flat-packed, saving on shipping costs. They’re also pretty affordable – another big tick! Find out more about them at the Newmakers website.

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