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Designer dolls houses

I’ll admit this post is a bit of gratuitous design celebration. More for the grown ups than the kids. But I couldn’t resist sharing these little beauties with you, as I stumbled across them all quite accidentally within a week. It was like the gods were talking to me or something. Unfortunately, one of these products seems to be sold out all over the world (although you may find one on eBay if you’re lucky) and another is so new it’s not even on sale yet. But still, it’s Thursday, we all deserve a little design escapism at the end of a long week, right?

I love dolls houses – I had three as a kid. Two were from the 5300 Playmobil collection, which are apparently now very covetable as they no longer make them. I also had one that my dad built by hand – it was huge, and beautiful, with perfectly wallpapered rooms and parquet flooring. It was more for looking at than playing with, and I suspect my dad enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed buying all the bits for it, so it was win win really.

I’m fairly confident that you don’t need to have kids to have one of these dolls houses in your home – in fact, it may be sensible to keep the little ones well away from them. Although less fun. And who knows, if you do let them loose, perhaps you’ll be fostering a taste for design classics, which can be no bad thing.

Let’s start with the dolls house you can’t actually buy shall we? Just because it’s a thing of beauty.

From Danish brand Minimii, this dolls house is a perfect copy of Arne Jacobsen’s own villa at Gotfred Rodes Vej 2 in Charlottenlund built in 1929. Fully licensed and approved by the descendants of Arne Jacobsen, the house features three detachable fronts so you can easily get in there and play. It’s more like a mini architectural model than anything else, but I want one. Sadly this design is no longer available, but Minimii also make miniature designer furniture, so you can buy teeny Egg chairs and more from their online shop.

Now onto the design that inspired this post. Not yet on sale but announced at the recent Milan Furniture Fair, this ultra-minimal design is part of Kartell‘s children’s range (along with the mini Ghost chairs that I featured recently). The signature moulded plastic designs come in a range of transparent colours including luminous green and pink. They don’t have to be used as dolls houses either – they would make quite a nifty little shelving unit, with plenty of room to store books and small objects.

To compensate for the Arne Jacobsen house which you can’t actually buy, here’s another uber cool design by Sirch that you can actually have in your home. (I will change this category to five of the best at some point I promise – having real trouble sticking to just three each time!). I’m even more convinced that this one is more for the adults than the kids – you can even add a swimming pool for goodness’ sake! It’s such a beautiful piece – a mini piece of artwork even, and I think it’s the sort of thing that you could keep in your home long after your children have grown up, and not seem like a weirdo. There are also matching furniture sets available. You can find it at Scandiborn.

Last but not least, the perhaps most sensible option of the lot – the Miniature Funkis House from Ferm Living. It can be hung on a wall or stood on the floor, and again, can double up as shelving, although I would prefer to use it as a house personally. It’s made from plywood (of course!) and comes fully assembled and ready to go. Available at Lullabuy.

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