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Children’s clothes hangers

A bit of a personal-inspired post today, as it’s something I’ve been on the hunt for myself lately. Up until Daph turned about one, I kept most of her outfits folded up in a drawer, rather than hung in the wardrobe. She mostly wore babygrows and leggings – I found it a bit pointless to put her in a dress when she couldn’t walk, as it just bunched up around her knees as she was trying to crawl. And it obviously got on her nerves, not to mention the wear and tear on her tights.

But since Daph started walking, I’ve loved that she finally ‘looks right’ in dresses. She’ll still mostly be a leggings kind of girl (like her mum I guess – ha), as she’s a bit of a tomboy, but I have splashed out lately and bought her some lovely dresses for the summer. However, I have nothing to hang them on…

Clothes hangers might not be the most exciting of topics, but actually, they are a bit of an enigma. I am constantly running out of them – I am sure in the old days (yikes, how old am I) shops used to give you clothes hangers along with the clothes you were buying, but perhaps now I’ve graduated to more ‘grown up’ shops they don’t want to give up their pricey wooden ones. (On that note, I find wooden coat hangers really annoying –  no grip, and everything slides off them). But anyway, I’ve found the same thing with Daphne’s burgeoning wardrobe – lots of lovely dresses, not enough hangers.

So I searched online, and I found some very boring practical ones, and a few really adorable ones too – hence today’s post. If you love nothing more than styling up your nursery, then just one of these beauties strategically placed will finish the look nicely…

These unique clothes hangers from Red Hand Gang are available on Folksy. Laser-cut from birch ply, they are made in the UK, and each design comes boxed and wrapped in tissue paper – making them a great new baby gift. There are also glittery options available. And I think we can all agree that they are absolutely adorable.

I’m fairly sure that flamingos were having a moment, trend-wise, a few years ago. But as you probably know, I think trends are pointless, and I still love flamingos. So I had to include this little treasure by Sass & Belle from This Modern Life. And yes, I know it’s pink. Again. Sorry.

Last but not least – I am not entirely sure why so much kids’ stuff is cloud-shaped, but it doesn’t stop me ooohing and ahhing every time I see another cloud-shaped cushion. These coat hangers are so lovely though, and best of all they come in a larger size too, so they’re not just for little ones. From Berylune.

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