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Pretty & Mighetto’s bed panels

I have another blogger friend to thank for today’s post (thank you Stacey from The Design Sheppard!) as she gave me the heads up on these absolutely beautiful bed panels.

On that note, I am ALWAYS keen to hear from people with amazing/unusual/innovative/shiny new kids’ designs, so please get in touch with me via the contact page to share… I can’t wait to hear from you!

But back to today’s post. I’ve only been blogging for about six weeks but already I seem to have developed a little theme revolving around hacking Ikea products to create something special (see my 3 of the best play kitchens and 3 of the best armchairs posts for more!). So this post seems really fitting. Pretty Pegs, if you don’t know them, specialise in creating replacement legs for Ikea furniture, so that you can customise your cheap but cheerful pieces to give them a more luxurious look. Anyway, they’ve now collaborated with uber cool Swedish design brand Mrs Mighetto, to create these amazing bed panels, designed to fit securely to Ikea’s box spring mattress.

Mrs Mighetto, if you’re not familiar, is a Swedish illustrator who specialises in whimsical and magical watercolour paintings, full of fantasy and mystery. The cloud-shaped panels also help prevent little ones from tumbling out of bed. They come with screws and mounting plates and are easy to attach. And of course, you can also change the bed’s legs to a pair from Pretty Pegs to create a really wonderful design of your own, for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke bed.

Find out more about the magical world of Mrs Mighetto here, and check out the bed panels from Pretty Pegs here. Although both companies are based in Europe, Pretty Pegs ship to the UK, and you can buy Mrs Mighetto prints from Diddle Tinkers.

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