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Children’s armchairs

First up – Happy Easter weekend everyone! Hope yours is suitably chocolate-filled. I tried to think of an Easter-themed post to put up today –  I really tried, then wondered why I was wasting three hours of my evening agonising about it when, in general, I hate themed things. So I’ve given up on that idea and am instead doing something more fun.

On another note, when I told Oli I was doing this post, he said ‘Why do you keep doing furniture posts? What about one on picture frames?’ He has a point, I suppose. More cushions and fabrics coming up folks! Not so sure about picture frames… suspect the choice is rather limited, but am happy to be enlightened – do get in touch if you’ve designed some!

This is one of those posts that’s been knocking around in my drafts folder for a while now, but I thought it was time to give it its moment of glory (hark at me, what AM I going on about?). So here we have it – three of the best children’s armchairs.

Now, I’m not an idiot (I promise), I know that kids’ armchairs are very definitely a ‘nice to have’ product, rather than a necessity. Because most of the time our beloved littluns would rather do anything BUT sit down. But still, let’s imagine we have delightful little cherubs who love nothing more than sitting down quietly on their own chair, reading a book and eating an apple (not rolling around on the floor, watching television TOO CLOSE TO THE SCREEN and stuffing their face with chocolate buttons). Ahem. Here we go, deep into our fantasy world…

Oh the ubiquitous Poang from Ikea! Modest of nature, big of performance (oh god, someone please stop me with all the inappropriate unintentional innuendos – gah). We have a grown up version, bought to replace the breastfeeding chair Oli had taken to sitting in when he hurt his back, and it is extremely comfortable. I love the little version, and it’s an absolute steal, but the cover it comes with is a bit meh.

Thankfully the creative crowd on Etsy are happily catering to this gap in the market with their amazing replacement covers. Love the grey/yellow/white combo of this one.

Next up, the Louis Ghost chair by Kartell – I’ll admit that to me this chair has become something of a design cliche, but at the same time I understand why it’s so popular. And I’m not sure many people know you can get miniature versions. They’re practical at least – being wipe clean and stackable (although I have yet to meet anyone who stacks their chairs at home – please do leave me a comment if you do this). And I do like the pleasing rainbow shades that the baby versions come in. If the patterned designs in the picture aren’t your cup of tea, you can also buy plain versions. Available from Amara.

Can you tell this chair was designed by a fashion designer? I’m not usually taken to pop-art inspired things, but I’ve seen some pics of this chair in real life kids’ rooms and it looks absolutely amazing. It’s fun, comfy and the antithesis of twee, and it gets a big thumbs up from me. Available from Made.com.

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