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Animal-print cot bedlinen

I’m kind of annoyed with whoever invented baby/toddler sleeping bags. Because let’s face it, they are such a brilliant solution to a massive problem, and Daphne’s been using a sleeping bag ever since she gave up being swaddled (read: wriggled her way out of the muslin and wailed furiously). But but but… it means I have to wait just a little bit longer until I can indulge in the previously unexplored field of TODDLER BEDLINEN.

And oh my, what a choice, what a selection out there. I’ve been doing some research as Daphne is now using a pillow so I needed something to cover it in – and here are three of my absolute favourite designs. All of which had animal-prints on them. I can sense a series of blog posts coming on, because there were some bloomin’ lovely non-animal print ones out there too.

I can’t wait until she’s kicked the sleeping bag aside and I can properly tuck her in under one of these adorable sets…

OK confession time, I did actually order this set for Daphne. As I said, she now has a little pillow in her cot (to help her work out which way up to lie – believe it or not once we removed her Sleepyhead she got very confused with how she was meant to position herself in bed!) so I’ve been using the pillowcase from this set, and the duvet cover is folded up in the airing cupboard waiting for her to get bigger. I love the fact it has a different design on each side, and the soft grey and white would fit in nicely with any nursery scheme. It’s by Farg & Form, from Nubie.

For those who love colour… Daphne’s favourite animals are elephants, and there’s something wonderfully retro and 60s about this design by London-based designer Rachel Powell. Plus the teal shade is perfect – bright, cheerful and fun, just what you want in a kids’ room.

Last but not least, bunnies again – sorry – but they’re BRIGHT ORANGE. Neon, almost. Can’t go wrong with a bit of neon about the place – I especially love the matching sheet here. I would totally have chosen this bedlinen if it wasn’t for the fact we have some quite busy wallpaper up in Daphne’s room already, and it might be a bit of a pattern overload. But this is just gorgeous, isn’t it? And it’s from Lulu & Nat.

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