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Apple and Pear Shelves by Red Hand Gang

There are so many wonders to be found if you have time to trawl through Etsy and Folksy. So. Many. These adorable shelves are the most recent treasure to catch my eye during a late night browse.

Children’s shelving is an area that’s quite well catered for, but it’s still a joy to find something new. Shelves are SO useful in a kids’ room, as they provide places not only to display beautiful pieces, but also to hide the things you don’t want your little one getting their mitts on.

We stash all of Daphne’s toiletries (nappy cream etc) in a little basket on the shelf in her room, so she can’t get to them and take all the lids off and then squeeze their contents all over herself (which is her absolute favourite thing to do at the moment).

These adorable shelves are handmade in Oxford, from sustainable birch ply and are simple to fix to the wall with one screw, which comes included in a choice of brass or black, so you can decide how you want it to look. I think the apple and the pear would look amazing next to each other – but if you only have space for one shelf, it’d still be a lovely little addition.

They’re lightweight, so you don’t want to be dumping books on them, but they are absolutely perfect for adding interest to a blank wall and highlighting special pieces.

The designer, Abi Simmons of Red Hand Gang, actually designed them for her own children. ‘My girls have some adorable tiny toys,’ she says. ‘These little shelves were originally designed for them to have next to their beds and they would pop the day’s favourite on it at bedtime, ready for playing in the morning.’

See more of Abi’s great products on the Red Hand Gang website>

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