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It was my birthday recently and I spent a lovely two days in London, much of which was spent perusing Liberty (most specifically their jewellery department, but I am proud to say my willpower held out and I bought precisely nothing – gold star to me!).

During my visit I spent about 300 hours in the Liberty baby/child department – oh my god they have some beautiful things. The main thing I couldn’t bear to walk away from however, was this adorable tray and matching beaker, from family-owned Buddy and Bear.

(True story: Oli and I spent a good three minutes rummaging through the beakers trying to find one that ‘matched’ the tray and had the same smiley face with open eyes, before realising that they had smiley faces with open eyes on one side of the beaker and smiley faces with shut eyes on the other – duh.)

The tray is such a good idea for feeding a baby of Daphne’s age – we lay out her finger food bits on it and she happily helps herself. The predominately white background means it doesn’t detract from the food and there’s plenty of space so nothing has to touch (she’s a bit OCD about this). And of course it’s made of tough toddler-proof plastic, making it easy to keep clean and difficult to break no matter how many times she chucks it on the floor *sighs*.

There are plenty of other bits and bobs on the Buddy and Bear website, and I love them all – children’s tableware is a very unimaginative field and it’s great to see some simple, pleasing designs out there. They also have a range of prints which I love – a shop to keep your eye on for sure!

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