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Cork Stools

Cork’s the thing for 2017, doncha know. Now, I’m not really a ‘trendy’ person *hollow laughter* and in general think trends are a load of marketing rubbish, but there are some materials that are timeless, and I reckon cork is one of them. So it’s rather cheering to see it’s having something of a revival this year.

Now, check these out. Not strictly only for use by kids, they are nonetheless perfect for small people to clamber on and off, and also, well, they look rather lovely.

They’re designed by Danish brand OYOY (no, I have no idea if that’s pronounced Oi Oi, but I rather hope so), so that helps, of course. They can be used as side tables as well as seating, are easy to keep clean with a simple wipe, come in two sizes and you can find them at Future & Found.


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