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First up, can I just say I LOVE the name Kidly? OK, thanks. Done.

And on to the shop itself, a visual feast for the eyes (both in a website design sense and with the products on offer). There are all manner of beauties to be discovered here, as well as an absolutely awesome blog that’s both funny and packed with tips for parents. I love a brand that knows how to do a proper company blog.

Set up by a frustrated parent who couldn’t find what he was looking for for his own sons, Kidly ticks all the boxes: quirky, independent designs, simple, easy navigation, great customer service and everything has been subjected to the parent (and kid) test – with mini reviews for each product displayed next to them (plus pictures of the products in use).

Here are some of my personal favourites (I’m just literally about to bully Oli into buying this desk for Daphne)…

Look at those beautiful tubular legs! Love love love.

And how can you resist this chair? Recycled and recyclable, it’s surprisingly strong and best of all, your little darlings can draw all over it and no one will mind. It’s also brilliant value, and when they’ve outgrown it, can be popped in with the recycling.

As all parents know, you can never have too many toy storage baskets… Kidly has a fair few on offer, ranging from animal motifs to this Scandi-inspired black and white cross design, which is right up my aesthetic street (hmmm).

If you have a cat and your child is anything like mine, they’ll spend the whole time loving tormenting the poor creature. This neat little knitted cushion makes a much better alternative for cuddling and squashing and blowing raspberries on.

I’ll admit to being a little obsessed with teepees… but this smart play gym is so much nicer than the standard plastic affairs… And rest assured, that wooden frame is made from child-friendly foam, so there’s no chance of your little one getting injured.

Kidly also design and sell a range of their own – including lots of clothing Best of all, the first time you order something from Kidly, you get 15% off. See you over there…

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