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January 2017

  • 3 Of The Best Accessories


    There’s a reason these are so popular. They are quite simply, every child’s dream. A place to hide from mum and dad, a place to hold tea parties with teddies, a…

  • Go To This Shop


    First up, can I just say I LOVE the name Kidly? OK, thanks. Done. And on to the shop itself, a visual feast for the eyes (both in a website design sense…

  • Furniture GTYR Loves

    Eames Elephant Stool

    You’re probably already familiar with this little plastic elephant stool – having seen it somewhere or other (probably in the background of one of those Channel 4 property shows). But you might…

  • Accessories GTYR Loves

    Miss Print Small Home

    I’ve been a huge fan of Miss Print‘s, er, prints, ever since I first clapped eyes on them. They’re striking yet stylish designs inspired by nature and with a wonderful hint of…