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    Baskets from La Basketry

    Ohhh aren’t these just so lovely? I have to confess to being a recent convert to baskets. I never realised just how useful they are before I had Daphne – I was more of a ‘shove things in drawers and cupboards’ kind of woman. But when I got pregnant, it was like some kind of basket-radar got switched on my head, and I started noticing them everywhere (if this sentence is as moronic as I think it is, I apologise, I’ve been off writing a novel and my blogging skills have rusted a little!).

    Anyway! We have a good selection of moveable storage items in the house now, and they house everything from her collection of bibs to all her books, blankets and more… And more than just being useful, they’re actually pretty stylish and a great way to add some design interest to a room.

    So when I heard about these stunning handwoven baskets from La Basketry, I knew I had to share them. La Basketry is a new company set up by two sisters, Tabara and Mamy N’Diaye, who are natives of Senegal but now live in London (Tabara) and Paris (Mamy). When friends noticed the traditional Senegalese baskets in Tabara and Mamy’s homes, they commented on how beautiful they were, and the two sisters realised there was a market to bring them to the UK.

    Made in Senegal by a community of female artisans, the baskets are bright, beautiful and don’t have to be used in kids’ rooms! Better still, in addition to providing opportunities and fair wage to their local craftswomen, La Basketry is going one step further: tackling child homelessness in Senegal by collaborating with charity Village Pilote. Street children are one of Senegal’s biggest problems, with as many as 50,000 vulnerable kids currently homeless and resorting to begging to support themselves. As part of this partnership 10% of the brand’s profits will be donated to the charity.

    Beautiful children’s storage that actually helps disadvantaged children abroad – what more could you ask for? Find out more on the La Basketry website.

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